Bespoke Coat Created from Luxury Upcycled Vintage Textile

Bespoke Coat Created from Luxury Upcycled Vintage Textile

Somehow I seem to have an eye for pattern and print that speaks the whispers of history and time gone by. Call me an old-soul, but there is just something that often jumps out at me when I see a second-hand or vintage textiles that screams at me. Luxury upcycling is how I feed my need to be immersed in the story of these textiles. 

Collier Campbell Cote D'Azur Print

Recently I stumbled upon this stunning print, while on a little personal browsing on Ebay there was this pair of curtains that suddenly jumped out of the screen and into my heart. Immediately able to tell that there was something special about it. 

Low and behold it happened to be an original Collier Campbell textile called Cote D'Azur from 1975. Originally printed for Liberty. Have a look at the references to this print on the V&A's website here. Then going on to read the story of the company, I discovered a whole new realm of design

Bespoke made to measure coat

This textile would be for loved friend, client and extraordinaire Christopher Mills, in fact the CEO of The Events Mill that creates truly immersive events.

As soon as he saw it, it was a match, see how we created this stunning bespoke coat for him. One of a kind, he get's stopped in public pretty often wearing this! 

Working with our clients one-to-one allows us to fine tune and craft their own personal style files with House of Bilimoria. What does this mean? That you get to choose fabrics, bring fabrics to us, have a bespoke design made to measure for you and then see that become a reality. 

What to learn more about how you can have your own? Click here.

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