NuBride Wedding Show 2019

NuBride Wedding Show 2019

With the U.K’s wedding industry evolving year on year, and with a growing focus on sustainability and inclusivity, there has never been a better time to present an all round Wedding Show than that presented by NuBride a few weeks ago.

We had the pleasure of being a part of the first edition of the show organized by the mastermind behind NuBride blog, Nova Reid. Nova began the blog in 2012 to fill a gap in the market that did not visually represent ethnic brides, multi-cultural and same sex couples. This wedding show was her response in filling the gap by bringing together a diverse range of vendors under one roof to empower ethnicity, equality and values.

Left to Right: Shilpa Bilimoria, Jen (Brides Do Good), Lisa (Waleda), Nova Reid

With the emphasis on sustainability when it comes to all industries in the U.K, Nova formulated a panel discussion between herself, Jen from Brides Do Good and Lisa from Weleda and us! Each brand relayed the difference they are out to make and the steps they are taking to achieve their goals.

Palau Dress, Image: Becky Bailey Photography

As a brand we have created our bridal pieces with slow fashion at the heart of the design. Beautiful offcuts of lace and tones of ivory fabrics that have been carefully sourced from charity shops, end-of-line off cuts that are without use and destined in some way shape or form to landfill. Most of our brides come to us because we are able to provide them with a multi-wear wedding outfit that does not necessarily fit into the ‘traditional’ box. This is why we found ourselves to be a great fit in showcasing our collection for the show’s catwalk, presenting options for the bride and guests.

The dress designers on show included House of Bilimoria, which uses south Asian influences, embroidery and saris which they upcycle with high quality vintage and end-of-line fabrics.”- Charlene Bent, Refinery 29

The catwalk was in fact a breath taking performance art, orchestrating the emotions that are felt during weddings using dance choreographed by Melody Squire, founder of SolDans Company.  The elegant dancers and models made their way down the runway with fluid ease to the beautiful voices of the Songbird sessions who covered top wedding songs. Models were not limited to size, shape or race, they were a natural representation of a contemporary couple.

Alongside our pieces were that of Brides Do Good, an ethical bridal boutique that sells wedding gowns no longer wanted by the bride, where two thirds of proceeds go towards international initiatives working to stop child marriage. Rita Colson, and Charlie Brear were also amongst the labels that showcased alongside House of Bilimoria. Becky Bailey was the official show photographer who captured these stunning photos. One of the few female toastmasters in the U.K, Sonal Dave hosted the entire day ensuring that it ran like clockwork and it is safe to say she is the best person that you can entrust your big day with. 

Mini Bili flower girl dress

What we loved about the show was the level of detail that was put into it, not making it an over saturated playing field but picking niche suppliers, each unique from the other. The space was curated with luxury in each touch, with the production put together by Light Motif.

There were no boundaries or limitations set at this show, it was open to all couples no matter their race or sexuality. Couples did not have to fit into a particular box and the entire NuBride box is large enough for all.

Overall being a part of this show was an honorable experience, as each individual was honored in their personal individuality and this is so much of what the industry, and world has a cry out for. A celebration of people.

A huge thank you to the formidable Nova Reid, and the space she created for us all to show up in.

Luxcycled Lace dress

 Hair by Avos Hair

Make-Up by Bobbi Brown UK


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