Shilpa Bilimoria

Shilpa Bilimoria

My Story

Born and raised in Surrey, BC, to Gujarati parents, with my mother born in Kenya, East Africa and father in Mumbai, and now in Greater London as my home. My family heritage and legacy is where my journey into this world of textiles and sustainability began.

Coming from a background of a rich heritage of several journeys being taken by my ancestors, I come to life dreaming of time gone by and what it means to be fully expressed in your own identity, rooted, where you are. 

As a 1st generation immigrant, my work and journey embodies the hybrid cultural identity of who I am, and strives to bring this into the brand with empathy for people from all walks of life, and their own stories and experiences.

"My purpose is to be the conduit between your rooted heritage and modern life; to be the alchemist for the whispers of our ancestors gone by. To bring their energy and spirit into this life through the medium of textiles."