2021 Predictions, once again the same but different.

2021 Predictions, once again the same but different.

We thought, maybe, it might look a little different by now and right now. In fact it feels and seems a lot heavier than it did the first time around. Having informed our lovely clients that our bespoke offering would be on pause and reviewed in January, now looking at the current situation we believe this pause is going to last much longer than we intended. 
Sewing machine with handmade bespoke clothing

Navigating through the last year has been a challenge, though there were several lessons learnt and a great deepening of our purpose as the brand and story we bring you. What is important to us, ethically, is connecting to the human spirit that we all have and are. 

Listen to the whispers woven into the items you cloth your spirit in. They tell the story of the people and places that have created them...

With these learnings, we have decided to continue working on our new offering of beautiful luxury upcycled clutches, purses and totes. Believing that the little dose of opulence can go far day to day. We are passionate about heritage and heirloom, and whilst we are living in times when we aren’t able to dress with all of these items on the daily, or even occasion, we can keep them present to hold that spirit in our lives. 

Khaki brocade clutch bag online shop handmade ethically

Photocredit: @amandarosephoto

We are also using the time and as above learnings to bring you a new expression and experience of this brand. We have evolved incredibly, and with that it’s time to take you on the journey of how this cloth connects us into a global family and community. More to come so soon, but for now, leaving you with the question of what you hold sacred? What is it that can’t be taken away from you, or, keeps you whole? 

Sacred. Image instagram quote name plate template

We would love to know your thoughts, and, how this connects you to your heritage & identity. 


Shilpa Bilimoria founder of ethical fashion brand House of Bilimoria
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