Shilpa Bilimoria-Cherry

Hailing from Canada and relocating to the UK during her teenage years, Shilpa Bilimoria-Cherry cultivated her distinctive style amidst the traditional ambiance of a Gujarati household and the shift from the 90s west coast of Canada to the dynamic life of London. Her roots trace back to the Darji community in Gujarat, where Darji, meaning tailor, encapsulates her family's legacy.

Ancestrally, both her maternal and paternal lines were dedicated tailors, shaping garments across India, Sri Lanka, and Africa. Driven by her lifelong passion for crafting and textiles nurtured during her upbringing, Shilpa delved into a formal education and a career in the fashion industry.

The fruition of her efforts materialised in the establishment of the House of Bilimoria, a label embodying ethical and sustainable practices. The brand made its debut in an off-schedule fashion show at London Fashion Week in 2008. House of Bilimoria's collections are crafted through upcycling vintage, second-hand, and heirloom fabrics, alongside collaborations with fair trade initiatives and artisans in Kolkata. Shilpa's philosophy extends beyond environmental sustainability to intertwine themes of identity and heritage.

Through the medium of textiles, she weaves a narrative that fosters a profound connection and storytelling experience. In addition to her accomplishments with House of Bilimoria, Shilpa Bilimoria-Cherry has lent her expertise to the realm of high-end fashion, undertaking bespoke tailoring projects for esteemed luxury brands.