Welcome to our tribe that is proud of wearing, persevering, and cherishing textiles. As all our items are lovingly handmade in our Atelier from secondhand, vintage and heirloom textiles here is our care guide to insure long lasting results.

Check your label ...


100% COTTON you need to:

-Machine wash at 30 on a slow spin cycle

-Always hang dry

-Never tumble dry

-Iron on a high temperature 



 -Machine wash at 30 on a slow spin cycle

-Always hang dry
-Never tumble dry
-Iron on a medium temperature 

100% SILK:

-Dry clean or Hand wash


-Do not machine wash

-Do not tumble dry

-Do not wring

-Iron on a low temperature



-Dry clean only

-Do not iron



We understand our items will eventually go through wear & tear, or the style may no longer be for you. To close the loop of garments ending in landfill our 'Reincarnation' Programme means that you return your items to us, once you are finished with them. By doing this you will receive a 30% voucher for your next item. The piece you have returned to us will then be given its new life and upcycled once again. 


Thank you for joining our sustainability journey of LUXCYCLING.