2014... What's in store...

We're nearly one month into 2014! With the end of the month approaching and the new website live, we are hard at work to adding some new lines to the shop

Often January is the month that people hit the ground running and launch into a set of new goals and resolutions. Approaching February how have you managed your first month!?

Here, it's been a calm and collected start to the year, with some new changes taking place, rising to the challenges that hit right when you think you had it all in place! 

I am a great believer that you only get given what you can handle, so when that next challenge hits you, step up and think, where is this set to take me? It's time for refinement and regeneration. Let's clear out the old to make way for the new. 

Speaking of, I will be sharing my own personal refinement of wardrobe. New classic items to add and which existing ones to keep and last but by no means least, what House of Bilimoria staples that are going to be appearing, along with some great items to compliment, perhaps from what's in our own backyard The London Designer Outlet, as one of the brand ambassadors our new local hotspot!

Join the mailing list for all the latest updates of new products in the weeks to come, not to forget 'World Child' SS14 collection joining the shop. Items will be available for pre-order, so if there is something that you have seen already that you can't wait for let us know! 



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