A Decade in Review: An independent fashion designer’s journey through 10 years.

A Decade in Review: An independent fashion designer’s journey through 10 years.

This last build up to the new year has been slightly more intense than others, with the turning of a new decade in the horizon.

In the last 10 years I have discovered the spirit of an entrepreneur is very distinct. The ebbing and flowing with all the trials and tribulations that life had to throw at me, as well as continuing to juggle this passion, which is House of Bilimoria, has been challenging at the best of times.

I have a handful of incredible entrepreneurs around me, and keeping this network of friends is something that has lifted me, supported me and nurtured my energy at times of - no one gets this!

Saying that- sitting down and writing out a list of the achievements over the last ten years made me sit back and think, hey, just because there is still so much to achieve, it doesn’t mean that what’s gone by shouldn’t be celebrated. To be honest, I was quite surprised when I did start writing. There so much that I am stunned we even did, and I haven't stopped and taken stock of. This is the energy that the goal setting and planning needs to be done from. Not from what’s left out, but what we have done and what we can build upon. 

So here is a summary of the categories that the achievements sit within from the last 10. Once I got started it got really difficult to narrow it down to a few. (in no particular order)


First Studio Space in Cottrell House Wembley Second Studio Space in Liberty Centre.  

It began with the Coming Soon Club with Meanwhile Space, then to something a little more industrial in a road nestled behind our little India of Brent, Ealing Road. Finally to our home now, which is the beautiful Luxury Upcycle Atelier, in Wembley Park, with Second Floor Studios & Arts.


World Women Wembley World Women Wembley at Cottrell House Community Engagement 

This happened as soon as I went from home to premises. I felt the power of people, being out of my own one room and meeting new faces led to my passion to want to share this with everyone and everywhere. This came in the form of World Women Wembley, Wembley Park Markets, speaking and showing at events at the local library's. And more... 


International Womens Day Speaker 2015 International Womens Day 2019 Brent 

International Womens Day Brent

After being asked to speak at my first Brent International Women's Day event in 2015, this has become an event I am a part of regularly. I love it- from speaking, comparing, hosting panel discussions, being on radio shows...


Wind Dance Editorial Photoshoot Legacy Photoshoot

One of the most FUN parts of my job. Seeing the clothes we make turn into their alter ego's on fashion editorial shoots. We have been lucky to have been able to collaborate with so many amazing photographers, makeup artists, models and designers. We are so grateful to have shared these days with them, and the everlasting imagery that they have created.


Ani & Shi Trailblazers for Heritage Style The Events Mill Vulgar Ball

From fashion shows, to special projects and workshops, we have loved to work with fellow creatives in the industry to support eachother to grow together. Ani & Shi with the extraordinaire Anisha Parmar, teaching with Little Hands Design, Styling with The Events Mill & workshops with Laura Marrs- to name a few. 


People of Wembley Park People of Wembley Park Film Pass it On... the people of wembley park

From the People of New York, this idea of keeping the energy of the local people had me say yes instantly. It came with a hoarding with my image larger than life, to a film, and finally being published in a book that will be a lasting legacy in this area.


Mini*Bili Sustainable childrenswear brand Buy Me Once Best Aftercare Award

Mini*Bili by House of Bilimoria made it's official debut. We are proudly stocked with Buy Me Once, and won the award with Best Aftercare. 

8. #HOBbride

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Nu Bride the Wedding Show Mona 2019 International Bride Bespoke Wedding Dress Lovisa Luxcycle Bride

We debuted our first ever bridal collection 'LEGACY' at Most Curious Wedding Fair 2018. Following that we did the breathtaking Nubride Wedding Show 2019 where we saw our items float along the most incredible catwalk show with energy that took the audience by storm. Most of all- the BEAUTIFUL real life House of Bilimoria Brides that we have got to make bespoke wedding dresses for. Thank you for choosing us, you're a part of our journey as much as we were yours!

9. #HOBwoman

The Other Box with Vidya Balan Bollywood Actress Sophia Thakur Poet and Artist in London

Dressing women who we admire and believe in. The House of Bilimoria Woman represents herself, identity and what she believes in with the most unforgiving and utmost grace. Lately the founders of The Other Box - Roshni Goyate (who we have had a soul connection with since the days of World Women Wembley) & Leyya Sattar in #luxcycle looks that they wore whilst interviewing bollywood icon Vidya Balan at the House of Lords. As well as the great Sophia Thakur, at her debut headline London gig, 'A night with Sophia Thakur'. Thank you to our phenomenal HOB women. We love you.


Brides UK Magazine Feature FROW Magazine

Extra! Extra! Read all about! Seeing our name turn up in the likes of Brides UK Magazine, The Telegraph, Refinery 29, Gal-Dem, The Evening Standard and more... The buzz that I get from seeing this happen will never go away. We hope that the reach of luxury upcycling and our sustainable visions go far and wide in the next decade too!


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