Award Winning Kidswear, MiniBili!

Award Winning Kidswear, MiniBili!

Best Aftercare in Kidswear awarded by Buy Me Once

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce our leading stockiest Buy Me Once has chosen MiniBili as the winner of the Best Aftercare brand for Kidswear! 

Last night we celebrated the awards hosted at Buy Me Once HQ in Sustainable Bankside Workspaces. Tara Button, the founder of BMO gave us a warm welcome with the team.

We got a chance to meet some wonderful people representing the other brands across the board, exchanging notes on how each is making a difference in innovating long lasting product.

For us at HOB, aftercare has mattered a great deal as a business to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their child’s clothes, especially during their growth stages.

Buy Me Once Badge of Award Winning Kidswear

To achieve product longevity, we have ensured the Mini*Bili range has been durable with luxury finishing to account for the agile movements young children make.

As we came to know, we were awarded for the following reasons:

"With an eye on the future of the little ones they clothe, Mini Bili is completely invested in a circular approach to their collections. Not only do they craft their beautiful pieces from reclaimed, vintage cloth and offer a lifetime repair guarantee, the company also invites customers to return clothes they are tired of for a 30% discount off their next purchase. These returned pieces are then given new life, putting an end to disposable shopping."

For our core business ethos to be recognised in promoting a circular product lifecycle makes us feel extremely proud. We will continue our efforts to strive for quality craftsmanship and aftercare to prevent garments from reaching the landfill.

As a symbol of House of Bilimoria’s commitment to the environment and longevity, Shilpa ceremoniously soiled an olive tree, representative of the evergreen oak tree that will be planted in honour of HOB’s win. The true to values gesture was a privilege, we thank Buy Me Once for it!


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