Client Diaries. The Jeda Vintage Bridal Vision.

Client Diaries. The Jeda Vintage Bridal Vision.

Last year I had the honour of working with Actress Jeda Cacioli, to create her dream wedding gown. 

I came across a tweet of Jeda's and thought I would pop her a reply to see if I could get to know more about what she wanted. We went on to have our first meeting in the great little coffee shop Holborn Grind

One of the great parts of working so many different clients, is meeting them face-to-face. Often in all different parts of London. The service that we provide is that that keeps our customers comfortable, and if that means we go to them, that's it!!

When I first meet a new House of Bilimoria woman, I love to talk to them to get a good idea of what their personal idea of style is. With Jeda, we very quickly established that she had a love for detail, quirky design and most of all classic Vintage dresses.

Here is where her dress was born. She, as so many House of Bilimoria Brides, is one that thought out of the box. One of the main things, she didn't want a classic Ivory or White dress. Instead a beautiful steel ice blue. 

Vintage vision, Jeda dress House of Bilimoria Bridal

She liked the idea of having a dress that would take her through the whole day, from ceremony to dancing in the evening with ease and not having to worry about a train. Very distinct, and refined she wondered if there would be a possibility to have an amazing gown piece that would be able to be removed in the evening to reveal a classic 'Wiggle' dress. 

 Of course totally delighted by the idea, I quickly put pen to paper with sketches to show her how we would make it happen.

Throughout the next 10ish months, we worked together, fitting from her toile, to main fabric gown, testing out options of appliqués, and getting the volume just right. Till coming to the day when we had her gown ready to fly off to Australia for her day.

Jeda Vintage Vision Gown by House of Bilimoria Bridal

The Jeda gown is one I'll forever look back on with fondness, and super lucky to have her share her beautiful wedding pictures with us. 

Wishing her the most wonderful married life with her husband. Thank you for choosing House of Bilimoria Bridal. 

SB x

Jeda on Instagram and Twitter 

Jeda Dress House of Bilimoria Bespoke Bridalwear

Jeda's Testimonial:

" I was first approached by Shilpa when I put out a tweet about how I couldn’t find any good dress makers/ designers for my wedding dress. Shilpa tweeted back to me that she would love to make my dress. I am a woman who loves directness and confidence so I thought I have to meet this designer.  I had recently moved from Australia, knew I needed to find an incredible versatile dress maker ASAP as my wedding was in 10 months. To make things more interesting it had to travel back to Australia with me for my wedding. I love all things vintage, I just think the quality and silhouette is just infinitely superior compared to what is mass produced these days but in saying that I wanted something that no one else had. My designer friend back in Australia gave me a concept for a dress that combined both my love for vintage and unique design which I brought to Shilpa during our first meeting.  She jumped at the opportunity and together we worked through all the highs and lows that come with weddings. She worked with the initial concept and then made the design her own. I was awed by her creativity. 

Never at any point did I feel Shilpa didn’t understand what I wanted. She didn't judge me for not wanting to get married in white. In fact she found the perfect blue for my dress (which she found at the most incredible price) and I sourced the lace. She put in such an amazing amount of effort and my dress was everything I wanted. I would recommend her to anyone and you would be silly not to hire her. She has an open mind and is not restricted by ego which is so rare to find now a days.  I would work with her again in a heart beat."


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