Mini*Bili the Story so far.

Mini*Bili the Story so far.

As the excitement of launching the brand new line Mini*Bili continues, a thought came through to share the journey so far, in the lead up to finally launching a side of House of Bilimoria that has been long in the works.

Mini*Bili was born through the love of self-expression and uniqueness. It’s the magic of childhood that brought me here.

Throughout my young days, the earliest memories are dressing up. Dressing up in clothes that had been made by hand. By either one of my grandparents, or my mother. From that ripe age, the essence of a handmade item of clothing definitely wore to a different level of self-expression than something that I saw picked off the peg where there were another further 100 of them.

Immersed in the world of tailoring, long before I even knew it. Our family heritage is one of the maker. Growing up with a sewing machine as one of the main appliances in the home, always. Bags of scraps of fabrics, haberdashery that I would rummage through to make some clothes for the teddies or dolls.

This is second nature, in my genes, and something that truly gives me life.

A conflict occurred in a world of mass production, fast fashion, this was distinctly not the idea of creation that inspired me.

It is the gypsy like, findings, and musings that have me live. Something from here and there, something unique, and a treasure that needs polishing up and giving a new life.

Going back to this magpie behaviour of ‘finding’ things and making them into something new is where the LUXCYCLE comes in. Luxury upcycling, taking something that is otherwise at the end of its life and refurbishing and reconstructing it to give it a brand new life- with luxury.

This is the inspiration of Mini*Bili, this notion of living through creation, immersing one self in surroundings, and in a cliché term of 'footloose and fancy free'.

Native, spirited, rooted.

Until next time!



SB x

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