My Mother My Muse: the inspiration behind ethnicity meeting the boardroom.

My Mother My Muse: the inspiration behind ethnicity meeting the boardroom.

'My inspiration comes from my Mother'

Many see that currently this is a quote from myself as part of the 'People of Wembley Park' real life exhibition that adorns hoardings all over Wembley Park at present. Read more about how this project began here.

My inspiration comes from my mother people of wembley park project

We have just finished filming with Substantial Films who will be bringing us the moving picture version of the exhibit, with each of the 'People' and what they do in a beautiful way. 

Filming with Substantial Films and my Mom

This has been a super exciting experience. Alongside the lights, camera and action. Delving deeper into what truly inspires my sense of aesthetic, beauty, class and elegance has been a breathtaking walk down memory lane.

the power women in my life

Above: The Power Women in my Life, Maternal Grandmother (Baa), Mom, and Paternal Grandmother (Dadi)

My mother, my Mom, as I say being Canadian, Nirmala Bilimoria was born in East Africa, to a family of tailors. Tailor by trade, and tailor by surname. I often have to pinch myself, to find that I am living the dream and have such a rich heritage to call upon and discover. 

Mom in a mexican style embroidery

Above: Me and my Mom, and in a fabulous native style embroidery.

There is much more to share on that topic for this journal entry I want to focus on this gorgeous woman's style.

Shirt style inspired by the 90s fashion of my Mom

Above: That amazing perm of the 90's and where such influence of classic shirts comes from.

I grew up watching my Mom transform each day from a 80s Power Woman to an Indian Goddess. Each day, she got suited and booted to work in the bank, shoulder pads, those elasticated wide belts cinching her waist just right, shoes that matched her suits just right, bold accessories, and of course to finish that splash of deep red lipstick to complete her look.

90's style in Floral Suit with Shoulder pads

Once home, she would go and put on either a Saree or a Salwar Kameez tie her hair back, put on a bindi, interchange the bold accessories for simple pure gold meaningful jewels and be ready for her evening with her family. 

Transforms into an indian goddess in her saree

Up till now a good portion of the collection come from sketching and pulling on classic 70s-90s looks. With always a hint in the background of what my mother used to wear. It's not until these past few weeks preparing to film that I have looked back at these old photographs to see how much influence has come from those tender years. 

Alongside this, my Mom is the one that taught me how to sew, and by this, I mean really use a dressmaking pattern, and operate the domestic sewing machine. How to pin the fabric, and how to cut. All before I hit 10 years old might I add.

My mom wearing a handmade blouse and vintage cardigan she still wears 40 years later

Above Right: Mom in the 70's wearing a blouse she made herself and the cardigan that never ends (she still wears this!)

Look forward to see more of my inspiration unfold into our next collection 'Legacy' soon.

Wearing the luxcycle three piece suit for the people of wembley park





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