The Love of Luxcycle. Upcycling our way into the future of slow fashion.

The Love of Luxcycle. Upcycling our way into the future of slow fashion.

It's been a good 6 months since we have moved into our new home in our Atelier at Second Floor Studios & Arts based in Wembley Park. Alongside the big move, we also have been busy with new collections, the Most Curious Wedding Fair back in March, as well as Dot to Dot London in June. 

Upcycled slow fashion sari upcycler

Now during the school holidays, and whilst lots of people are away, there is a pause. Not a big pause, but one that creates a bit of calm and clarity about moving forward and vision. 

Vision is what is so apparent and clear right now, with our future marked out with a bid to bring Luxcycle into the mainstream market for people to see that it's a greatly viable option when looking for something new.

Bespoke fashion made from pre-loved clothing and sarees

Articles like "Fast fashion: Inside the fight to end the silence on waste" on the BBC share many of the concerns the industry and world is facing in regards with consumerism. More importantly it shares the positive changes some brands are making, and where even those that have made commitments live for everyone to see at the Global Fashion Agenda, 2020 signatories. This of course includes ourselves.

Atelier based in London creating bespoke clothing for women

In our exciting new location we have seen and heard from many that are very interested in the idea of luxury upcycling. Making use of what is already here, and perhaps even going to waste, to create something beautiful and brand new. 

An item that you put that amount of love into, will, inevitably leave you with a happier, more connected feeling to what you are wearing. That's why we are now going to open our doors to let you into our world of Luxcycle. 

Saturday Upcycle Slow Fashion Surgery

On Saturday the 15th of September we will host our first ever taster in our Atelier- the Saturday Upcycle Slow Fashion Surgery, from 12-2pm, you can come along, and quiz us on how you can make your items brand new. You can bring along up to 5 items that we will make our way through and give all the know-how, tips and advise on how you can make it brand new, transformed to fit into your life all over again.

Head over to our Eventbrite page, or our Facebook Page to book your place. Spaces are limited, so do get in early to avoid missing one this time round. 


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