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What is your SHIRT STORY?

With the having LANDED in our home here at House of Bilimoria with our most loved garment the SHIRT, we are intrigued to know what this garment means to you. 


The shirt, is a garment that transcends cultures, gender, race, and almost everyone has their own version of this very simple button down garment.

The Shirt. 


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Here is where we LAND in our very own ‘Shirt Stories’. We invite you to submit your own shirt story. Built around the idea that a shirt can be steeped in meaning and memoir. Be it one that is your own, someone else's, or simply that person in your life that was always in that special shirt. 


We all know that I have several of my own shirt stories. I have shirts that once belonged to members of my family. My elder sister had a checkered shirt that has been in my wardrobe ever since she left it behind, whether it was on trend or not, this shirt has been something that stays in my current wardrobe regardless of season. 

Paternal Grandfather in a shirt circa 1940s


I also have a few of my Dada (paternal grandfathers) shirts, I can feel him in them, and almost every single day of the memories of him I have etched in my mind he is in a shirt. The pictures from years ago, the younger faces of him, all in shirts. He was my first paternal figure of love and safety, and with the unconditional connection, this simple garment seems to have all that love doused within it. 

 In my grandfathers shirt sitting on a sofa


Bringing it to the present day, and some of my current and ‘newest’ shirt story finds being those of my husband. He told me of the days that he had a different shirt for every day and occasion (that I tend not to like so much), and these shirts have vintage nostalgia all over them. He was in a clear out and of course I couldn’t allow those all to go, and took a few for myself, oversized, and in great colours and condition that have me with that ‘Boyfriend Shirt’ feeling. 

Founder with the sketchbook, writing shirt stories

I could absolutely go on, and I probably will, though for now, I want to close my own stories for you to open up yours. 

What is your SHIRT STORY?

Submissions can be sent in to, with images, without images, written, or just visual. There is no criteria in how you submit it, and you can remain anonymous if you wish to. 

These stories will be shared to open the world of cloth and connection to everyone. If there is one thing our planet is crying out for, it’s that we are more thoughtful with our consumption, and that we believe will happen when we start to create connection and consciousness around the products we choose.

If you haven't watched LANDED yet, head to the link below to watch now.


With Colour. Love. Light. 

SBC x 

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