The Bespoke Process

Experiencing our bespoke, made-to-measure process is a journey which we take our customers on. You get to experience the full process of having a garment made that is all about who you are and that celebrates the uniqueness of being an individual. Every part of this journey is made with you, the customer in mind. Here it is less about a trend and more about creating from a place of longevity and life.

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1. Planting the seeds:

Send us an image, an email, some words about what you would like to have made. The conversation starts here. Give us as much information as you have, the colours you love, the prints that make your heart happy, or the heirloom or textile you have to upcycle. Remember there is no rule here, we are the alchemists that will manifest your ideas into a reality that has you become the vision you have in your mind.

2. Connecting and Consultation:

Book in a call, online consultation, or come into the Atelier to discuss your ideas with us. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about us, and vice versa. The dots start to connect and you will see if we are the right people to turn your vision into reality. Here is where we will also take/you will submit your measurements.

3. Designer Dreams:

After your consultation you will be presented with your design possibilities, a quote, and a timeline for your creation. Once you are happy with this the process is secured with a 50% deposit to commence the project and book into our calendar. The remainder 50% is due upon completion of your item.

4. Toile:

A toile is the first version of your garment, made out of a cloth with a similar composition in order to perfect the fit, design and details of your garment. In usual cases we require only one toile fitting, though this can vary with how elaborate the garment is.

5. Fabric Sourcing/Swatches:

We offer the options of sourcing fabrics, and components for your pieces. Please find details of where we source our fabrics here. We also will work with pieces that you bring along to use, and upcycle or recycle. All fabric costs will be transparently communicated and are payable upfront.

6. The Manifestation:

Now we begin to make your piece using fully handmade traditional tailoring techniques. There are no shortcuts here, everything that we do is done in our Wembley Park Atelier. This is the most time consuming part of the process, with luxury techniques used, and finishes paramount.

7. Fitting:

Now is the time to fit your piece(s), there may be minor adjustments, hemlines, and tweaks to make here. These are then completed within a week or two of this fitting to completion.

8. Finale:

Your final fitting/collection date is the most wonderful experience, this is when you finally see the manifestation of your vision. You will feel radiant, with confidence and ready to present yourself into your occasion or simply life with your new looks.

Book a Consultation

Send in a request, with option to upload images that you like, or textile you may have to get some details on what is possible.