Meet the faces behing the brand

Shilpa Bilimoria

Founder & Creative Director

With over 12 years of experience fitting and creating bespoke clothing for individuals, Shilpa directs all the design elements and fittings for the brand to date.

Nikita Tailor

Atelier Manager 

With a degree in Fashion Design and a passion to follow in her grandparents foot steps of professional tailoring, Nikita manages the Atelier focusing on the process behind the making.

Marta Morgado

Creative Pattern Cutter

Claire Wasson

Collaborating remotely and internationally with the HOB team on creative content, Claire hails from Seattle. Currently in university, Claire is finishing her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management and minor in Environmental Sustainability. She is interested in learning about sustainable lifestyles and societies.

Want to Join Us?

Delighted to share our craft with those that want also resonate with our ethos in fashion, sustainability and ethical fashion.