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The Ethos

Mini*Bili was born through the freedom and love of self-expression. In the magical world of imagination and make believe comes the possibility of transforming textiles that are otherwise destined to landfill a new lease of life, through timeless and expert craftsmanship.

At Mini*Bili we use vintage, second hand, end of line fabrics to create our beautiful ranges of children and baby clothing.

Our items are all made to order in our London Atelier. Made by hand, with love and through the skills of passed down generations of tailoring expertise, our legacy of tailoring can be seen in every stitch, applied through a deep-felt passion of heritage and the energy brought by our founder and creative director. It is this heritage that lies at the very heart of our work.

It is with this vision in mind that we are so careful about the textiles we use, as it is crucial for us to produce work that is forever young. Minimising textile waste, and no stock produced before it is required.

We love to collaborate with our customers to ensure each piece is unique, purpose fit and beautifully made for each child. Please ask to see our swatches, anything you see on a sample can be made in any our our silhouettes and styles for you!

This personalised service is supported by through our guarantee service where each Mini*Bili item adopts its own lifetime guarantee, encouraging you to return your garment when you are finished with it, for an exclusive 30% discount off your next item.

We will then have the lifetime of the textile continue as we deconstruct and take it onto its next life. It is with pride you can know that you will help to breathe life into old garments, allowing textiles to become new and to continue a legacy of tailored clothing that is made with love, tenderness and passion.

This is Mini*Bili.

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