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Welcome to our Co-ords Collection, where tradition meets contemporary fashion in a seamless blend. Each piece in our Two Piece Set and Matching Set collection is crafted from luxury upcycled sarees, end-of-line fabrics, and discarded vintage textiles, breathing new life into timeless materials.

These sets are not only a stylish fashion choice; they are about telling a story—your story. As members of the diaspora, we understand the importance of staying connected to our roots while embracing modernity. The sets are a tribute to our heritage, allowing you to carry a piece of your lineage into everyday life. Each outfit in this collection encapsulates the rich cultural narratives of the fabrics we source, transforming them into stylish, versatile ensembles that celebrate sustainability and heritage.

By choosing our co-ords, you are not just making a fashion statement; you are participating in a movement that honours the past while forging a path to a sustainable future. Our Matching Sets are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional textiles and the craftsmanship that goes into upcycling them into unique, luxurious pieces. Wear them with pride, knowing that you are preserving cultural heritage and promoting earth-friendly fashion.

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